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LCY Curtain & Blinds

Love is the pillar of support in our life. We spend 8 hours with our colleagues at work place and more than 8 hours at home with our loved ones.

We work hard to protect our loved ones by providing
 more safe windows solutions so that they could live in more safe and healthier environment comfortably. We make effort to provide the best solutions which minimize waste to provide sustainable future for all.

We endeavour to realize the full potential of human growth and development.

Our experiences
We have vast experiences in furnishing windows. To us, curtain is not just a piece of fabric. Other than reflecting one's personal taste, it involves expertise in selecting the right fabric to ensure safety and to cater unique needs. We provide quality windows solutions with excellent customer services to fulfill clients' needs at reasonable price to ensure sustainable growth.

Our services

  1. Custom make curtain and its installation
  2. Re-upholstery of worn out sofa
  3. Wallpaper installation

curtain installation

We provide hassle free curtain installation services. Just sit back and relax.



We provide 2 in 1 service. If you have old wallpaper to be removed before installing new wallpaper, we could do them for you. 



Get bored of the same sofa design after some time but feel painful to give away? Call us! We can help by refurnishing to bring new life and excitement at affordable price.


Contact Us

If have any question or specific requirement, just call us. Our young and enthusiastic customer service team will help you.

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